California's housing market holds steady amidst economic uncertainties, but the real challenge lies in the persisting inventory shortage.

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California Housing Market Stays Resilient Amidst Rising Rates and Inventory Shortage

Key highlights

  • Federal Reserve raises the Fed Funds Rate, marking a significant shift in monetary policy.
  • California’s housing market shows stability, maintaining approximately 280,000 sales over the recent months.
  • Despite economic uncertainties, consumer confidence reached a two-year high in July.
  • The housing inventory shortage persists as a significant hurdle to a more vigorous recovery in home sales.

The State of the Labor Market in Ventura County: Opportunities and Challenges

Ventura County Economic Outlook

Ventura County’s labor market faces several challenges, including a declining population, net out-migration, and a restrictive impediment to new growth represented by SOAR. Although the unemployment rate is low, unfilled job openings remain high, and job growth is lagging compared to neighboring areas. The labor force is also a limiting factor to job creation for many sectors, and the pandemic has only added to these challenges.

  • Ventura County has a low unemployment rate, but unfilled job openings remain high.
  • The labor force is a limiting factor to job creation for many sectors.
  • The pandemic has added to the challenges the Ventura County labor market faces.
  • Despite these obstacles, many opportunities are still available for job seekers in Ventura County.

Preparing for Wildfires: It’s a Team Effort

The Safer from Wildfires approach introduced by Commissioner Lara offers a three-layered protection scheme — structure, immediate surroundings, and the community — promoting a proactive strategy for wildfire resilience.

As California experiences persistent high temperatures, a comprehensive approach to wildfire preparedness is crucial. The Department of Insurance is dedicated to safeguarding consumers and businesses from potential wildfires. Recently, Commissioner Lara introduced the ‘Safer from Wildfires‘ strategy, a comprehensive method aimed at wildfire resilience, providing three levels of protection – the structure, immediate surroundings, and the community at large.

Preparing for Wildfires It’s a Team Effort v2