Wildfire Preparedness: A Collaborative Effort

Preparing for Wildfires It’s a Team Effort

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The Safer from Wildfires approach introduced by Commissioner Lara offers a three-layered protection scheme — structure, immediate surroundings, and the community — promoting a proactive strategy for wildfire resilience.

As California experiences persistent high temperatures, a comprehensive approach to wildfire preparedness is crucial. The Department of Insurance is dedicated to safeguarding consumers and businesses from potential wildfires. Recently, Commissioner Lara introduced the ‘Safer from Wildfires‘ strategy, a comprehensive method aimed at wildfire resilience, providing three levels of protection – the structure, immediate surroundings, and the community at large.

Wildfire safety is a collective responsibility that requires preemptive measures. Here are some proactive steps to ensure your readiness:


Utilize your smartphone to carry out a home inventory, document your belongings, and store copies of vital documents in an easily accessible location.


  • Secure your insurance documents safely or upload them to a secure online repository.
    Consider investing in comprehensive auto insurance, which protects your vehicle during a wildfire.
  • Formulate an evacuation plan with your family and assemble an emergency supply kit.

Brace for wildfires with the ‘Safer from Wildfires’ initiative. The plan includes actions you can take now, like using your smartphone for a home inventory and securing comprehensive auto insurance. Implementing low-cost measures like installing metal mesh screens over vents and clearing a 5ft radius around your home can protect your property. Lastly, community action with Firewise USA can make us all safer.

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Homeowners can take preemptive measures to protect their properties and communities from wildfires. The ‘Safer from Wildfires‘ approach outlines ten actions, and here are three cost-effective steps that can be taken immediately to safeguard your home and potentially reduce insurance costs:


  • Prevent ember entry: Install 1/16 to 1/8-inch noncombustible, corrosion-resistant metal mesh screens over attic vents to deter wind-blown embers.
  • Maintain a clear perimeter: Remove plant life and replace wood chips with stone or decomposed granite within a 5-foot radius of your home.
  • Foster community resilience: Participate in the Firewise USA program. Communities, regardless of size, can devise an action plan and work together toward increased safety.


Further, precautionary measures include timely evacuation when directed, being prepared for potential entrapment scenarios, signing up for wildfire text alerts, understanding your community’s emergency response plan, evacuation orders, and evacuation center locations, and ensuring the well-being of your acquaintances and family members.

Additional resources are available at ‘Ready for Wildfire‘ and ‘Starting a Firewise Community.’

Homeowners can contribute by following the ‘Safer from Wildfires’ plan, installing metal mesh screens, and clearing nearby greenery. Community actions through programs like Firewise USA can enhance collective safety. Immediate actions during wildfires include following evacuation orders, signing up for alerts, and checking on loved ones.

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– Dustin Balloun, Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS®