VCCAR Committees & Work Groups

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

To promote and guide participation within our Association in its commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion while providing the opportunity to help our members compete in a diverse marketplace.

Chair: Ashley Anderson
Vice Chair: Kathleen Sullivan
Staff Liaison: Angel Rodarte
Director Liaison: Julio Gomez

Meets via Zoom: 1st Tuesday 1pm – 2pm
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Events Work Group

This newly formed Events Work Group will focus on all events offered by the association and, in the past, has included: Annual Installation, Association Rush, REALTOR® Expo, and REALTOR® Feud.

Meeting Commitment: Meetings are 6-8 times a year and are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Lead: Camille Morris
Staff Liaison: Tania Magana
Director Liaison: Walter Morris

Meets: When necessary.
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Finance Committee

Ensures that Association’s financial resources are appropriately allocated through the annual budget; responsible for recommending the annual budget to the Board of Directors, reviewing the monthly financials, and recommending financial policies. Investigates the best methods of financing programs, projects, and investments when instructed by the Directors.

Chair: Dawn Durazo
Staff Liaison: Robin Morris
Director Liaison: Dawn Durazo

Governing Documents Work Group

Reviews, updates, and revises, with the Directors’ approval, the Bylaws and Association Policy Manual to maintain these documents in a timely and current condition.

Lead: Joe Siddens
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: Jeri Becker

Meets: When necessary.
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Grievance Committee

Acts as a reviewing body for complaints turned into the Association to determine whether to dismiss or send forward to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

Chair: Brian Zell Term: 2024-2026
Vice Chair: Sean Seitz Term: 2024-2026
Staff Liaison: Robin Morris
Director Liaison: Rebeca Elliott

Meets: When necessary.
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Leadership Academy Work Group

VCCAR is committed to identifying and cultivating leaders for the future! The program’s purpose is to provide REALTORS® with the tools necessary to aspire to leadership positions by educating and providing a better understanding of the internal workings of the local and state real estate organizations, local government, and community organizations impacting the real estate industry.

Lead: Karen Campbell
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: Jana Scarborough

Meets: When necessary. 
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Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC)

Established by a local association of REALTORS® to evaluate candidates for regional offices and make recommendations to CREPAC, a C.A.R.-affiliated PAC.

The most common local candidates include mayors, city council members, sheriffs, county supervisors, school and board members, and local judges. The LCRC Members have an essential role in the association, and their decisions and actions can benefit their association and communities. LCRC and/or the local board of directors make final decisions regarding support or opposition to local campaigns.

Chair: Jorge DeLeon Term: 2023-2024
Vice Chair: Ariel Palmieri Term: 2023-2024
Staff Liaison: Rob Leatherwood
Director Liaison: Bonny Goetz

Meets: When necessary.
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Local Government Relations Committee

The committee monitors local legislative and regulatory actions and trends and interprets for member REALTORS®, local Associations, and the public their impact on the real estate industry and property ownership. The committee recommends approaches to influence the course and form of local legislation. It works with the Association’s Board of Directors in forming the Association policy and implementing state and local-mandated legislation.

Chair: Austin Reimers
Vice Chair: Bonny Goetz
Staff Liaison: Rob Leatherwood
Director Liaison: Janet Sprissler

MLS Work Group

The MLS Work Group is made up of REALTOR® members that use the MLS tools. As the MLS moves forward with better tools and technology, this working group has been assembled to assure the VCCAR members have all of the information necessary to work in the MLS environment.

Lead: Joe Virnig
Staff Liaison: Dale Farnum
Director Liaison: Carolyn Triebold

Meets: Every other month – 3rd Tuesday at 2pm
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Professional Standards Committee

Responsible as the Judicial Body of the Association. Conducts due process hearings per Bylaws on alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.

*Committee members must have served at least one year on the Grievance Committee.

Chair: Brooke Smith Term: 2024-2026
Vice Chair: Bridget Goncalves Term: 2024-2026
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: Rebeca Elliott


Meets: When necessary.
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REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) Work Group

What is REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF)? RAF is a vital service for YOU and YOUR business. Did you know that 30% of your RAF contribution supports local issues that will affect your livelihood? Contributing to the REALTOR® Action Fund helps protect private property rights through C.A.R.’s lobbying efforts, local issues, and candidate campaigns.

VCCAR seeks volunteers to serve on the all-new RAF Work Group for 2023. Together we can successfully educate and encourage our members to invest in the REALTOR® Action Fund and be instrumental in reaching our annual goals!

Scope of work: We will prepare a business plan for Board approval, coordinate fundraising activities, support the Local Government Affairs Committee with its advocacy activities, and educate and communicate to members the importance of the REALTOR® Party of California.

Volunteer today!

Lead: Jennifer Greule
Staff Liaison: Rob Leatherwood
Director Liaison: Jennifer Greule


Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee

YPN is a member-driven committee that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four (4) core areas: REALTOR® Associations, the real estate industry, peers, and communities.

YPN is not defined by age but by mindset.

Chair: Cibeli Rocha
Vice Chair: Suzzi Koenig-Brown
Staff Liaison: Robin Morris
Director Liaison: Vicky Cummings

Meets: 3rd Wednesday at 12pm
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YPN Committee Application (Open year-round), email Robin Morris with questions or call 805-981-2100 x103

CRMLS Committees

Through powerful best-in-class MLS tools, VCCAR has partnered with CRMLS to provide real estate professionals with authority and high visibility in a constantly evolving, highly-competitive industry. The committees listed here consist of liaisons between VCCAR and the various CRMLS departments. The goal is to connect real estate professionals throughout California with access to the most data at the lowest cost possible, eliminating the need to join multiple MLSs.

CRMLS Association Executives Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Wyndi Austin
Meets: Bi-Monthly 3rd Monday

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CRMLS Finance Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Dawn Durazo
Meets: Bi-Monthly 3rd Wednesday

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CRMLS Operational Steering Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Joe Virnig
: Monthly 2nd Tuesday

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CRMLS Rules Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Terry Ayers
: Bi-Monthly 3rd Thursday

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