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Fairhaven: A Fair Housing Simulation

Step into the town of Fairhaven, a must-visit destination for every REALTOR®! But hold on, before you pack your bags, this experience is online, making it accessible from the comfort of your home or office.

In November 2020, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) introduced an exciting new initiative called Fairhaven. Picture this: an interactive fair housing simulation training that harnesses the power of storytelling to empower our members. It’s like stepping into a captivating story where agents race against the clock to sell homes in the fictional town of Fairhaven while tackling discriminatory practices head-on. It’s not just about pushing boundaries; it’s about breaking barriers.

Through real-life inspired scenarios, this innovative online journey lets you walk in the shoes of a homebuyer facing discrimination and a savvy agent determined to make a difference. You’ll gain valuable insights and customized feedback for everyday business interactions. Let’s make fair housing a reality in our industry!

NAR members can embark on this empowering adventure at no additional cost. It’s time to be a fair housing advocate and shape the future of our industry by committing to combat discrimination in real estate.

Ready to join the cause? Take the first step towards equality and visit Explore the wonders of Fairhaven, assess your adherence to fair housing principles, and let’s pave the way to a more just and inclusive housing market.

At VCCAR, we’re passionate about making housing fair for everyone. Our Code of Ethics speaks volumes about our commitment to stand against any form of discrimination in housing. And Fairhaven, well, it’s the crown jewel of NAR’s ACT! Initiative—an action plan that thrives on accountability, culture change, and top-notch training to foster equal housing opportunities within our industry.

So, buckle up, fellow REALTORS®! Let’s journey together toward a brighter, more inclusive future. Fairhaven awaits!

Bias Override: Overcoming implicit bias
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