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Bias Override Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing

REALTORS® are committed to abiding by fair housing laws and the Code of Ethics. But sometimes, our brains take shortcuts that can lead us astray.

Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing is an NAR certificate course that helps real estate professionals interrupt stereotypical thinking so they can avoid fair housing pitfalls and provide equal professional service to every customer or client. Participants will learn about the mind science of identity, study how implicit bias can result in fair housing violations, and engage in interactive exercises to enhance communication skills and business relationships with clients of all backgrounds.

Bias Override: Conquering Biases for a More Equitable Housing Market

Unlock the power of your mind and create a fairer housing environment with the Bias Override workshop! Join NAR’s experts for an online experience that will change the way you think and act in your daily business interactions. Learn about implicit biases and how they impact our decisions, even when we don’t realize it.

Active Learning: Recognize and Correct Implicit Bias

Discover the latest evidence-based research and real-life examples that reveal how our brains associate stereotypes with certain groups. This training empowers REALTORS® to challenge their assumptions and offer equal service to all clients, regardless of background or identity.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Hear inspiring stories from fellow real estate professionals who have undergone the Bias Override course. Gain valuable insights into the challenges they faced and how they now provide inclusive services to their communities.

Building Bridges in Diverse Communities

Bias Override is more than just training; it’s a journey of growth and understanding. Explore diverse communities and learn to respect their unique needs, creating a stronger bond between you and your clients.

Join the Movement

Contribute to a fairer housing market by joining the growing community of REALTORS® committed to overcoming implicit bias. Together, we’ll build a brighter future for housing, one free from discrimination.

Ready to Challenge Your Bias?

Take the Implicit Bias test and take the first step toward becoming a fair and unbiased real estate professional. Watch out for upcoming workshops and offerings from Perception and NAR. Let’s make a difference in the world of housing together!

Bias Override: Overcoming implicit bias
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