On Friday, March 31st, VCCAR sent members an email/text message with instructions to submit their vote on a proposed Bylaws amendment. If you did not receive that message;

1.) check your SPAM/JUNK folder

2.) contact the VCCAR office for a link to vote. 

The proposal is as follows: 

BOARD APPROVED RECOMMENDATION: To approve the reduction of the nine (9) elected REALTOR® Directors down by four (4) to five (5) elected REALTOR® Directors over the next three (3) years and update all policies and bylaws accordingly. 

RATIONALE: A reduction in the Board of Directors would follow most current “Best Practices” recommendations. As well as cost considerations, including Board Leadership Orientation, retreat expenses, etc.

✓ Vetted, researched, and approved by the Governing Documents Work Group

✓ Reviewed, discussed, and approved by the Board of Directors 

The proposed bylaws changes are below. 

  • Strikethrough material is to be deleted; 
  • bracketed, underlined material is to be added. 


Section 4. Board of Directors. 

Composition. The governing body of the A.O.R. shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the elected officers, appointed Treasurer, the Immediate Past-President of the Board, who shall serve by designation and is not elected by the members, and [five (5)] nine (9) elected REALTOR® Members and one (1) elected Affiliate Director, up to one (1) appointed Director 1 of the A.O.R. All Directors including the elected (or appointed) officers and the Immediate Past President has one vote. (rev 2/20, 10/20)

The voting deadline for VCCAR Bylaws Amendment Vote is Apr 14, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.