No two real estate professionals are the same — everyone has an individual approach to serving their clients. So, shouldn’t your Dashboard be as unique as your business?

With REcenterhub’s dashboard you can organize the applications you use the most and put away the ones you don’t in a “drawer” so that they’re still accessible without cluttering up your primary workspace. 

Click on the + button icon from the top right corner in your REcenterhub’s User Benefits section.

If you prefer a more minimal display, you can use the toggle button next to the + button icon for a simple view of your applications.

The User Benefits panel will slide out from the right. From there, you can access CRMLS Core products, association-specific benefits, and CRMLS Marketplace options. You can also customize it by adding or removing the products you want on your Dashboard.

Ready to use REcenterhub? Log in today from your current dashboard by clicking the REcenterhub tile (displayed below) to start curating your favorite articles using a Dashboard that highlights your unique real estate business.