Supra System Updates

Supra is pleased to announce some important updates to the Supra system for organizations with keyholder lease agreements.

Supra System Updates

We have just released an update to the eKEY app signup process. This release improves the user experience by fixing issues with the invitation link, missing digit in PIN code, and payment submission step. We expect this release will continue to bring positive feedback with the new signup process. As with any Supra release, your keyholders will need to install the current eKEY app version to access the latest functionality.

Supra Data Connect API is a new suite of tools that allows membership systems to connect directly to the Supra system via API. It provides dynamic access to your Supra subscriber data to help streamline membership service. As an example, a new release enables Supra system administrators to use the agent ID (LAGID) to easily search for their assigned lockboxes in the Supra system, and display the results within an AMS or other system. The Data Connect API suite is a premium add-on service available to Supra organization customers, with specific features dependent on your AMS provider. For more information on availability and cost of our API solutions, please reach out to your Supra representative.

Contact Center platform upgrades are delivering an enhanced contact experience for both agents and Supra administrators, thanks to several new features:

  • Call back – Callers can opt to get a call back from the support team and hold their place in line. This convenient feature has increased calls handled by 5 percent.
  • Screen pop with customer information – displays caller details, saving time from having to gather contact info, key serial number, and other account details.
  • Real-time messages on the support line about system status – callers are always in the know before connecting with one of our team members.
  • Self-help options with pre-recorded steps to help with common questions and troubleshooting, such as how to authorize a key – great for after-hours support.

Critical upgrades to our data infrastructure are complete. This has been a long-term project with extensive testing on our networks and applications. Incorporating the latest technology and standards, we expect this to bring robust reliability and performance to our services along with a solid foundation for future enhancements.