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Previous Award Winners

Recipients of these awards must have demonstrated the highest level of professional excellence while providing exemplary service to the real estate community.

Affiliate of the Year

The Affiliate of the Year award recognizes the affiliate member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the real estate profession, the community, and particularly to the Association.

2022 Cibeli Rocha
2021 Tressa Golden
2020 Isabel Mislinay
2019 Patty Estrada
2018 Joey Siddens
2017 Salena Bracamontes
2016 Kathy Gray
2015 Shelley Wells
2014 Michelle Mueller
2013 Dave Ensminger
2012 Michael Padilla
2011 Sher Heard
2010 Tressa Mills & Vanessa Rice
2009 Bob Davis
2008 Tressa Golden & Vanessa Rice
2007 Larry Martinez
2006 Edie Marsh
2005 Yolonda Carr
2004 Joey Siddens
2003 Sher Heard
2002 Tamara Rossie
2001 Lisa Anglin
2000 Sher Heard
1999 Debbie Pleis
1998 John Saltee

REALTOR® of the Year

The association’s highest honor for a non-designated REALTOR® member. It is presented annually to a residential REALTOR® who exemplifies the highest qualities of the real estate profession.

2022 Katie Connelly
2021 Tim Hall
2020 Adela Trainor
2019 Bonny Goetz
2018 Tim Comstock
2017 Kay Wilson-Bolton
2016 Terri Davis
2015 Erica Holmes
2014 Karen Heyrend
2013 Gayle Paul
2012 Rebeca Elliott
2011 Monica Hurtado
2010 Fernie Campos
2009 Cindy Diaz-Telly
2008 Janet Dorsey
2007 Stuary Monteith
2006 Judy Ohaco
2005 Dale King
2004 Joe Virnig
2003 Christine Johnson
2002 Frank Taylor
2001 Jim Rippy
2000 Don Edwards
1999 Charlie Hall
1998 Randy McCaslin

Broker/Owner/Office Manager of the Year

The Broker/Owner/Office Manager of the Year award is the association’s highest honor for a REALTOR® member who is a Manager/Broker/Corporate Executive or Owner. It is presented annually in recognition of outstanding service to the real estate profession, the community, and the Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS®.

2022 Jeri Becker
2021 Bridget Goncalves
2020 Jana Scarborough
2019 Lyle Elliott
2018 Carolyn Triebold
2017 Helene Keddington
2016 Cami Pinsak
2015 Armani Amezcua
2014 Richard Snowden
2013 Jorge DeLeon
2012 Deborah Cusick
2011 BJ Ward
2010 Bob Harrison
2009 Roger Case
2008 Dennis Goldstein
2007 Becky Duarte
2006 Jim Keith
2005 Jim Garfield
2004 Elaine Pettersen
2003 CJ Johnson
2002 Faith Cosby
2001 Pat Patterson
2000 Harriet Clune
1999 Ralf Moll
1998 Victoria Gosnell

Local Good Neighbor Award

The Local Good Neighbor award was created to recognize an individual who has made a significant impact on the community by donating time, money, and/or material goods to a program that improves the livability of a local community and is suitable as a role model for all real estate professionals.

2022 Rick and Jodie Peña
2021 Pedro Chavez

C.A.R. Honorary Member-For-Life

To qualify as a C.A.R. Honorary Member-for-Life, REALTOR® members of the State Association must have been an active C.A.R. member for a minimum of 25 years AND reached the age of 75 years or older. If approved, state dues shall be deemed paid-in-full for life (commencing the year following approval) and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of State Association membership accorded to all members.

VCCAR Members: C.A.R. Honorary Member-For-Life

2022 Bea Abe
2022 Theresa Bortolott
2022 Marcia Charney
2022 Karen Hoffberg
2022 Joseph Kapp
2022 Dale King
2022 Robert Madrid
2022 Carla Magdaleno
2022 Jean Norman
2022 Irene Pinkard
2022 Penny Teague
2022 Irene Williams
2021 Buki Burke
2021 Robert W. Edwards
2021 Catherine Mims Keyser
2021 Patricia Scott McInnes
2021 Sunny S. Salzer
2021 Janet Scarborough
2021 Ronnette Dolores Ward
2019 Judith Hoag
2019 Ingrid Volkmer
2018 Florence Gadbois
2018 Lennie Vann
2017 Dianne Lamprecht
2017 Bodine Elias
2017 Joan Osborne
2017 John Ryan
2016 David Bozic
2016 Roger Case
2016 Kathy Frownfelter
2014 Vella Buchanan
2014 Cindy Fox
2014 Linda Freeny
2014 Helen Simonaitis
2013 Al Fox
2012 Patricia Galgas
2012 Charles Covarrubias
2012 Robert Freeny
2012 Anita Pulido
2011 Sally Caulfield
2011 Ann Diestel
2011 Joe Gallegos
2011 Sondra Briggs
2010 Randy Churchill
2010 Donald Dawson
2010 Paul Hawblitzel
2008 Mike Losey

REALTOR® Emeritus Status

A REALTOR® Member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or both, for a cumulative period of forty (40) years, is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status. Please note: Applications can ONLY be submitted by the local association on behalf of the member requesting Emeritus status.


The REALTOR® Emeritus status eligibility requirements are:

  • Forty (40) years of REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® (or both) membership.
  • Proof of one (1) year of service* at the National Association level.

* “Service” is defined as serving as an NAR officer, director, committee member, Federal Political Coordinator, Global Ambassador, or Global Coordinator to a country with which NAR holds a reciprocal agreement.

Application & Deadlines

Applications are currently closed. If you missed the deadline, the application will re-open on January 15, 2024 for approvals at the May 2024 meetings.

VCCAR Members: NAR REALTOR® Emeritus

2012 Mid-Year – Linda Freeny
2013 Mid-Year – Hardy Moll
2013 Mid-Year – Bill Lewis
2011 Annual – Robert Freeny
2009 Mid-Year – Charles Covarrubias
2011 Mid-Year – Joan Osborne
2013 Mid-Year – Joseph Kapp
2016 Mid-Year – Ralf Moll
2019 Annual – Jim Cox
2015 Mid-Year – Stephanie Schieltz
2015 Mid-Year – Marcia Charney
2015 Mid-Year – Judy Hoag
2017 Annual – Mark Holland 
2015 Mid-Year – Jeff Roundy 
2014 REALTOR® Party – Robert Lunde 
2016 Mid-Year – Randy Churchill 
2016 Annual – Fernie Campos 
2016 Annual – Patricia Galgas 
2016 Annual – Victoria Gosnell 
2016 Annual – David Gosnell 
2018 Annual – Ann Diestel 
2016 Annual – Cathy Mims Keyser
2018 Mid-Year – Jim Keith