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The Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS® Committees are made up of members who graciously volunteer their time to help strengthen the association's events, services, member offerings, and strategic plan initiatives.

Committee Structure VCCAR operates with two types of committees—operational and networking:

Operational: Committees require you to apply no later than the deadline noted annually (typically early November). The application is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Those who are approved will serve for that calendar year AND be a voting member of that committee.

Networking: Committees are open year-round and members can join at any time during the year by submitting an online application. After approval from the Board of Directors, applicants are voting members of the committee they applied for. The "networking committees" include the Affiliate Committee and the YPN Committee. (Application for the Affiliate Committee and the YPN Committee)

2020 Committees

Affiliate Committee

Liaison between Affiliate & REALTOR® members of the Association. Plans and conducts Affiliate Events; assists in coordination of many Association functions and other special activities including promoting the goodwill of the Association.

Chair: Monica Cruz 
Vice Chair: Debbie Wertenberger
Staff Liaison:
 Tammy VanDeusen
Director Liaison: Joey Siddens
Meets: 2nd Tuesday Each Month @ 10 AM
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    Affiliate Committee Application (Open year-round)

CRMLS Committees

Through powerful best-in-class MLS tools, VCCAR has partnered with CRMLS to provide real estate professionals with authority and high visibility in a constantly evolving, highly-competitive industry. The committees listed here consist of liaisons between VCCAR and the various CRMLS departments. The goal is to connect real estate professionals throughout the state of California, with access to the most data at the lowest cost possible, thereby eliminating the need to join multiple MLSs.

CRMLS Association Executives Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Wyndi Austin
Meets: Bi-Monthly 3rd Monday

CRMLS Finance Committee

VCCAR Committee Member: Jorge DeLeon
: Bi-Monthly 3rd Wednesday

CRMLS Operational Steering Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Carolyn Triebold
: Monthly 2nd Tuesday

CRMLS Rules Committee
VCCAR Committee Member: Joe Virnig
: Bi-Monthly 3rd Thursday

Finance Committee

Ensures that Association financial resources are properly allocated through the annual budget, responsible for recommending the annual budget to the Board of Directors, provides a review of the monthly financials, and recommending financial policies. Investigates the best methods of financing programs, projects, and investments when so instructed by the Directors.

Chair: Juliet Esquibias
Staff Liaison: Robin Morris 
Director Liaison: Tim Comstock
Meets: 2nd Friday each month at 12:30 PM
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Governing Documents Committee

Reviews, updates and revises, with Directors' approval, the Bylaws and Association Policy Manual to maintain these documents in a timely and current condition.

Chair: Cami Pinsak 
Vice Chair: N/A
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: Bridget Goncalves
Meets: When necessary.
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Grievance Committee

Acts as a reviewing body for complaints turned into the Association to determine whether to dismiss or send forward to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

Chair: Helene Keddington
Vice Chair: Tee Khamseng 
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin  
Director Liaison: Ashley Anderson
Meets: When necessary.
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Leadership Development Committee

To provide recommendations for nomination and election of Officers and Directors; recruit potential candidates for the VCCAR Leadership Academy; determine Leadership Academy qualifications and guidelines for successful completion of the program; and interview and select Leadership Program participants. Responsible for selection of annual awards such as: REALTOR® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year.

Chair: Katie Connelly 
Vice Chair: Vicky Cummings
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: Troy Palmquist
Meets: 2nd Friday each month @ 9 AM
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Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC)

Established by a local association of REALTORS® to evaluate candidates for local offices and make recommendations to CREPAC, a C.A.R.-affiliated PAC. Local candidates include mayors, city council members, sheriffs, county supervisors, school and water board members and local judges, to name the most common local candidates. The LCRC Members have an important role in the association, and their decisions and actions can create tremendous benefit for their association and communities. LCRC and/or local board of directors make final decisions regarding support or opposition for local campaigns.

Chair: Karen Campbell
Vice Chair: Mark Chacon
Staff Liaison: Marta Golding Brown
Director Liaison: n/a
Meets: When necessary.
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Local Government Relations Committee

The committee monitors local legislative and regulatory actions and trends and interprets for member REALTORS®, local Associations and the public their impact on the real estate industry and property ownership. The committee recommends approaches to influence the course and form of local legislation and works with the Association Board of Directors in the formation of the Association policy and implementation of state and local mandated legislation.

Chair: Tressa Golden 
Vice Chair: Adela Trainor
Staff Liaison: Marta Golding Brown
Director Liaison: Jeri Becker
Meets: 2nd Thursday each month @ 3:00 PM
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Professional Development Committee

Responsible for planning and promoting diverse educational offerings of the Association, ensuring that all members are provided with unique programs for their specialty areas. Assists with promotion of special seminars and educational offerings of other Association committees including: C.A.R. and NAR sanctioned Institutes, Societies or Councils.

Chair: Ken Wallis
Vice Chair: Magda Nordahl
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin
Director Liaison: TBD
Meets: 2nd Monday each month @ 2 PM
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Professional Standards Committee

Responsible as the Judicial Body of the Association. Conducts due process hearings in accordance with Bylaws on alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. *PS Committee members must have served not less than one year on the Grievance Committee.

Chair: Janet Dorsey
Vice Chair: Cindy Diaz-Telly
Staff Liaison: Wyndi Austin 
Director Liaison: Jim Keith
Meets: When necessary.
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Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee

YPN is a member-driven committee that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four (4) core areas: REALTOR® Associations, the real estate industry, peers, and communities. YPN is not defined by an age, but by a mindset.

Chair: Ryan Bruns
Vice Chair: Willie Schmeltz
Staff Liaison: Tammy VanDeusen
Director Liaison: Jorge DeLeón
Meets: 3rd Tuesday each month @ 11:30 AM
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